The Women in Archaeology at the SAA’s

By Chelsi Slotten

For those of you who don’t know, the SAA is the Society for American Archaeology and it’s annual meeting is being held next week in Vancouver, Canada.  Even more exciting, both Kirsten Lopez and I will be attending.  That’s right, if you’ve always wanted to put a face to the voice you hear every two weeks, and you’ll be attending, your in luck!  In addition to just being around the conference, we’ll also be at some specific locations at specific times.  The schedule of events where you might run into yours truly, or other members of the Archaeology Podcast Network(APN) is as follows:

Chelsi Slotten (that’s me!) will be be part of a panel on Thursday morning entitled Constructing Archaeology: Moving Sex/Gender and Sexuality Research from the Periphery to the Center.  The panel runs from 8-11 AM, is being chaired by Kirsten Vacca, and can be found in East Meeting Room 9.   My paper, entitled Engendering the Bioarchaeology of the Viking Age, will start around 8:45.  I sincerely hope to see you there!

Starting at the same time on Thursday Chris Webster and Tristan Boyle will be participating in a panel entitled Archaeological Epistemology in the Digital Age.  Their talk will begin at 10:15 AM and is called Podcasts as Archaeological Digital Preservation.  It should be a really good one!

Moving on to Thursday evening, cause all the best events are on Thursday, we have the forum on Creating Safety: Addressing Sexual Harassment and Assault in Archaeology.  This forum will run from 6-8 PM in East Meeting Room 15.  This panel is a follow up to last years panel on sexual harassment in the field (we talk about it here) and will be chaired by Meagan Thies and Ashley Jones.  Last year it was standing room only, so get there early and participate in this super important topic in archaeology.

If you’ve ever wondered what recording a podcast is like, you can join the APN on Thursday night, also from 6-8PM in East Meeting Room 7.  Chris Webster and Chris Sims will be hosting a live podcast a discussion.

If you won’t be in town on Thursday, don’t despair.  The APN is sharing booth 422 with Codifi, and I’ll be live tweeting whatever I find interesting in the sessions I’m attending, which is to say you’ll know where I am if you follow @osteoarchaeo on twitter.  I’ll be carrying around some awesome new WIA stickers so be sure to grab one if you want to represent.  See you in Vancouver!


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