The Women in Archaeology at the AAA’s

By Chelsi Slotten

The American Anthropological Association’s yearly meeting is coming up fast. The conference officially kicks off Wednesday evening with the keynote speech- Bending the Arc of Change: A Conversation with Paul Farmer and Jim Yong Kim.  This year’s program is packed full of great presentations, including some by our hosts, guests, and other APN members.  If you want to meet us in person, or need some help deciding which of the amazing sessions you want to attend we’ve got some suggestions.

Chris Webster, will be presenting on in session 4-0065 in a session dedicated to podcasts in Anthropology.  I’m really looking forward to his presentation “The Archaeology Podcast Network: Podcasts as Digital Preservation and Public Outreach”.  This panel is an early one, it’s at 8 AM on December 1st in the Thurgood Marshall West room.  If you’ve ever wanted to know more about podcasting, anthropology, and you this is the session to check out.

April Beisaw helped organize and will be presenting in session 4-1250 Teaching Archaeology as Social Justice.  The session will investigate the ways in which archaeology can be used to challenge the dominant narrative.  You won’t have to get up early for this one, just head to the Omni Executive room at 4:15 on December 1st.

Kristen Bastis will be staffing the career booth for the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.  The Career Expo will be in the Atrium of the Marriott on December 1st from 11-4.  The expo should be a great networking opportunity and will include major corporations, federal agencies, consulting firms, nonprofits and independent consulting anthropologists.

Chelsi Slotten will be presenting in session 5-0125- What Does It Mean to Be Human: Asking the Big Question in Light of Anthropocene Advancements.  Her paper will be on perceptions of disability in archaeological research, but the session will also include papers on cyborgs, primates and zombies so come check out this fascinating group of papers at 8 AM on December 2nd in the Marriott Ballroom Salon 3.

If you find you’ve got some free time and want to get out of the building you can head over to the Potter’s House for the pop-up installation Protest Matters!  This project explores the dynamic relationships that exists between art and activism, feelings and things, and creativity and community in the context of social justice action.

Obviously, there are too many amazing panels to list them all here so check out the full schedule to learn about all the fascinating work our fellow anthropologists are doing.  Can’t wait to see you in DC!


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