WIA at SHA 2018

By Chelsi Slotten

We’re starting off the year right by hanging out with a bunch of archaeologists in New Orleans!! That’s right, several of us will be attending the 2018 meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology.  I know it’s being held in New Orleans, so there’s lots of amazing things to see and do in the city, but when you take some time out from sight seeing there are a couple panels that should be amazing!!

April Beisaw will be presenting “From Alcatraz to Standing Rock: Archaeology and Contemporary Native American Protests (1969-Today)” in a session on Contesting Narratives in Archaeology.  That session (Gen-005) is tomorrow January 4th at 3:15 PM in studio six and April should be the third presenter.  She will also be the discussant in a panel on Post-industrial Landscapes, Communities, and Heritage on the morning of the 4th in Galerie 2.

Chelsi Slotten is one of four coauthors of “Through the Priest’s Ear: Examining the History and Archaeology of San Ignacio’s Jesuit Church (1610-2017)- Bogota, Colombia”.  Julie Wesp will be presenting the paper which offers an overview of the archaeological and bioarchaeological collections recently recovered from the church.  If you want to learn more about the amazing objects we found come see the presentation Saturday January 6th at 10:00 AM in Studio 7.

Jessica Irwin, our spectacular resident underwater archaeologist will also be attending the meeting. Although she is not presenting this year, she’ll be around the conference center and sharp-eyed attendees shouldn’t have any problem finding her.

If you’re planning on spending some time hanging out in the city, there are a couple great events going on.  It’s New Orleans’ 300th birthday so many places will have specials.  It’s also the beginning of Mardi Gras season!  The first parades are always on January 6th and two of them take place in the French quarter, not far from the conference venue.  Lastly, there is an amazing project called Women4NOLA that is hosting several exhibits, performances, lectures, and other events all over the city.  If you’re looking to learn a little bit about New Orleans history and get a feel for the city anything they’re hosting should be great.

One quick word of caution from someone who used to live in NOLA, avoid the Bourbon Street sludge (you’ll know it when you smell it) and make sure you check out Frenchman Street.  It’s at the other end of the quarter but worth the walk as it’s like Bourbon but better because it’s where the locals are.  If you’ve got any questions about New Orleans feel free to find me on twitter @osteoarchaeo or IRL to ask and I hope you love the city as much as I do!  See you at the conference!

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