Celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 with WIA!


An oldie-but-goodie for International Women’s Day! Celebrate over 100 years of badass women’s abilities and success in society and archaeology, despite our hurdles and roadblocks. This episode, originally recorded in 2017, is one of our favorites. We chat about women in archaeology from the 1950s all the way back into the early days of the written historical record. Women have been intimately involved in preserving our community history, inquiring and exploring unrecognizable histories documented only in the artifacts and stratigraphy of the archaeological record. A second episode highlighting even more women in archaeology was recorded as well. Subscribe, and be alerted for the re-post!


Show Notes:

*50 Most Important Women in Science

* Dig Ventures: Pioneering Women in Archaeology

* Rejected Princesses: Zelia Nuttall

* Trowel Blazers: see what they are doing in 2019 at the bottom of the page!

* Archaeological Fantasies: Gertrude Bell

* Book: Ladies of the Field by Amanda Adams

**featured image copied from the Gertrude Bell Archive [1] [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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