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Interested in contributing to the WIA Blog? Are you a woman who is an Archaeologist or who works in the field of Archaeology?

We only require that you are in archaeology and identify as a woman, beyond that you can be a pro, a student, PhD or AS, Shovel Bum or Academic. If you want to share your experiences in archaeology or other aspects of archaeology, send us a draft or your idea and we can discuss it.

We prefer a word count between 750 – 1500 words. Longer pieces may be considered. Citations are required. At least one image, that you have rights to, is preferred, no more than 4 images per posting please. Please use a 12 pt font and an easy to read font, we’re fans of Times New Roman or Calibri.

Please provide your name and a brief (3-5 sentence) “Who I am and what I do” bio to go with your post. Also, if you wish to provide contact information for yourself (email, twitter, webpage) to be posted on your submission, please do so.

This is not a peer reviewed journal nor do we pay for publication at this time. We do not provide editors for posts, so try to do your best, errors may not be seen until after publishing. We do not maintain rights over material submitted, rights belong to the author.

If you wish to submit a post, please email it to You can either paste it in your email or attache it. PDF, .rtf, and .docx are the only formats we can accept.

If you have further questions, please contact us and we’ll work to clear them up.

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