A Word from the WIA #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter #CiteBlackWomen

The recent acts of racism in the US cannot be condemned in strong enough terms. These acts are part of a larger system of racial inequality in the US that has persisted for centuries. Early anthropologists were complicit in the creation of these systems of racial inequality and so we must be responsible for combating... Continue Reading →

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Opportunities in Archaeology Besides Digging Holes- WIA Episode Repost

Are you an archaeologist who wants to do more than dig holes? Then this is the episode for you! The episode is all about different opportunities in archaeology. This episode was originally released on August 7, 2016. The episode is hosted by Serra Head with Kristen Bastis, Kirsten Lopez, Chelsi Slotten, Jenny McNiven, and April... Continue Reading →

Coalition of Master’s Scholars on Material Culture

On today's episode, we will be speaking with the founders of the Coalition of Master's Scholars on Material Culture. Formed during the summer of 2020, CMSMC coalition for the advancement of Master's scholarship and research, peer support, and discussion. We discuss their mission, goals, and plans for the future. Show Notes Find information about the... Continue Reading →

2020 Election: What Might a Biden Administration Do for Archaeology?

In this episode, we dive into the incoming Biden/Harris Administration, and what it means for cultural heritage and archaeology. There are many factors to consider, especially with the extensive impact of Trump's last four years. We touch on many topics, but we take a special focus on native relations and public land management in today's... Continue Reading →

The Border Wall Crisis – Interview with Laiken Jordahl

On this episode, Emily Long and Chelsi Slotten host Laiken Jordahl from the Center for Biological Diversity. Laiken has been witness to much of the ongoing conflict and impacts created with the construction of Trump's promised Border Wall along the US-Mexico border. We discuss the ongoing destruction of important cultural and ecological sites along the border wall construction zone.

WIA Statement Regarding Ethical Journalism and the #MeToo Movement

The Women in Archaeology unequivocally support the survivors of harassment and assault within the archaeology community and the community at large.  We denounce the ongoing inappropriate actions of Michael Balter towards survivors and those who would criticize his methods.  He notes in his blog that his methods are aggressive when it comes to being an... Continue Reading →

Endling Crossover Episode with Alexandra Kosmides

A fascinating new podcast covering extinct species since the Pleistocene, Endling explores each species in depth. Today, Kirsten Lopez of the Women in Archaeology and Alexandra Kosmides of Endling discuss three notable North American species important to native peoples of the US and Canada, and the impact of their near or complete extinction. These species... Continue Reading →

Interview with Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Kassie Rippie

To start off July right, we discuss cultural resources with Kassie Rippee. The Tribal Historic Preservation Officer and archaeologist for the Coquille Indian Tribe in Coos Bay, Oregon, Kassie wears many hats most days, but more during our great year 2020. We talk about what a THPO does, COVID, race, and changing archaeological perspectives. Join... Continue Reading →

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