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Episode Transcriptions

Episode 64: Interview in Bioarchaeology with Dr. Kim Plomp

Ever wonder what information we can learn from bioarchaeology, and new directions of research? Kim Plomp shares with us her most recent work, what can it tell us about modern health? Find out, as we dive in to Dr. Plomp’s expertise!

Episode 68: Archaeology and the Alt-Right

White supremacists and the alt-right often use history and archaeology as a mechanism to ‘legitimize’ their claims. Join us as we discuss this trend from the misrepresentation of Norse history to the misbelief of a racially pure Greek and Roman world. These groups have twisted the past to their agenda in dangerous ways. What can we do to combat this trend?

Episode 69: Interview with Dorothy Griffiths, Jamaican Archaeology

Today we speak with Jamaican Archaeologist, Dorothy Griffiths about her work in her home country and experiences as an archaeologist of African descent in the British Commonwealth. Due to technical issues, the second segment was not recoverable, and so we have a shorter, complete transcript of the recording of 40 minutes for your reading pleasure.

Episode 72: Slavery and Archaeology: A Look at the Archaeology of Slavery in America with Holly Norton

Just as we leave behind Black History Month, we cannot relegate #BlackHistory and #BlackFutures solely to the month of February. In this episode we honor a small bite of black history through a closer look at the archaeology of slavery with archaeologist Holly Norton. We take a lens to Colonoware pottery of the South and other examples across the Americas, and discuss how we make interpretations around this important topic, and remind ourselves that we must reflect on the biases and stereotypes we project into the past.

Episode 73: COVID-19 Teaching Transitions

Today, in episode 73, we’re joined by Dr. Laura Murphy to discuss the teaching challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. From moving classes online to the experience from a learning or teaching angle, we provide some resources for students and professors (links in the show notes below). Also, we touch on how this will impact academic research, Cultural Resource Management/Heritage Management, and the importance of a kindness centered pedagogy.

Episode 74: Corsets, Robot Sex, and the Supernatural, Oh My!

Today Dr. Rebecca Gibson joins us to discuss her research in the bioarchaeology of corsets. Her upcoming book is about how women’s bodies were shaped by the garment. We explore some of her past research including Robot sex, and gender & the supernatural. So many incredible topics! First, we tackle how corsets impacted women’s skeletal development in the past. We then dive into the ethics of human connection with robots and AI and dip our toes in gender and supernatural creatures.

Episode 79: Fire Archaeology with Emily Long

The world seems to be on fire in multiple ways these days, both figuratively and literally. Join us for this episode as we chat with our own Emily Long about her experience as a fire archaeologist, and the efforts taken by wildfire fighters and archaeologists across the west this fire season.

Episode 81: 2020 Election: What Might a Biden Administration Do for Archaeology?

In this episode, we dive into the incoming Biden/Harris Administration, and what it means for cultural heritage and archaeology. There are many factors to consider, especially with the extensive impact of Trump’s last four years. We touch on many topics, but we take a special focus on native relations and public land management in today’s discussion.

Episode 85: Transatlantic Slavery, Resilience of Foodways, and Public Outreach with Dr. Peggy Brunache

In this episode, the hosts are joined by Dr. Peggy Brunache to discuss her ongoing research on the resilience of enslaved women, who established and continued food traditions that can be seen in today’s foodways, as well in the archaeological record. Dr. Brunache brings history to life through food, providing students, colleagues, and the public a means to engage with a part of history that many may not be as aware of in Scotland. Dr. Brunache also describes her experience with the TrowelBlazer’s ‘Raising Horizons’ Exhibit, upcoming courses through Future Learn on the history of slavery in the British Caribbean, and the new Beniba Centre for Slavery Studies at the University of Glasgow.

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