Episode Transcriptions

Here we will be adding transcriptions of episodes so that the podcast conversations are not missed by our deaf and hard of hearing subscribers, once we have enough support for a software assist. These will be posted in time with the podcast episodes whenever possible. Please help us reach this goal by becoming a Patron.

Below we have an example of our first transcripted episode! Please take a look and let us know how we did, and how we can improve. We are excited to offer this as a service to our readers, and hope you enjoy!

The software of interest is MaestraSuite, though we are interested in any suggestions you have based on your experience. Thank you!

Episode Transcriptions

Episode 69: Interview with Dorothy Griffiths, Jamaican Archaeology

Today we speak with Jamaican Archaeologist, Dorothy Griffiths about her work in her home country and experiences as an archaeologist of African descent in the British Commonwealth. Due to technical issues, the second segment was not recoverable, and so we have a shorter, complete transcript of the recording of 40 minutes for your reading pleasure.

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