Celebrating The Women of Archaeology – 2017 Edition

Written by: Dani Bradford, Steph Halmhofer, and Nikki Martensen *Authors and contributors listed in alphabetical order **Featured image from Steph Halmhofer ***Originally posted on Bones, Stones, and Books   It all started with a suggestion on Twitter by @ArchyFantasies to start a “women of archaeology support group”. The support group began on Twitter and then... Continue Reading →

Voice to the Victims

On this episode, Emily Long discusses how archaeology can play an important role in uncovering the evidence of crimes against humanity. Voice to the Victims Transcript: Welcome to the 365 Days of Archaeology Podcast.  I’m Emily Long and we’re going to discuss how archaeology can be an incredibly important tool in giving the victims of... Continue Reading →

Oseberg Ship Burial

On today's episode we'll be talking about one of the most famous Viking Ship burials- The Oseberg Ship. Why is this ship so special? What can we learn from it? Why, 100 years after it's discovery, are we still so enthralled with it's mysteries? Oseberg Ship Burial

The Women in Archaeology Podcast Ep 34- The Impact of Tourism on Historic Sites

On today's episode, we will be discussing the impact tourism can have out sites including the good, the bad and the ugly. The discussion will include how tourism impacts sites, the surrounding areas, the broader public, and individuals. The Impact of Tourism on Historic Sites Helpful Links: Tourists Arrested at Colosseum Pompeii is Collapsing Looting... Continue Reading →

Keet Seel, Navajo National Monument, AZ

Keet Seel is an amazingly well-preserved cliff dwelling at Navajo National Monument. Emily Long provides a description and the prehistory of this beautiful Ancestral Puebloan site. Keet Seel, Navajo National Monument, AZ Transcript: Welcome to another episode of 365 days in archaeology.  I’m Emily Long and I’m going to talk a little bit about one... Continue Reading →

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