Introduction to Archaeology

Ever wonder what exactly it is archaeologists do? Not an archaeologist but want to better understand some of our more jargon-heavy episodes? We created this introduction to archaeology episode in hopes of helping demystify archaeology for you! Please let us know how this has helped (or not), and let others know about this clarifying discussion... Continue Reading →

Celebrating The Women of Archaeology – 2017 Edition

Written by: Dani Bradford, Steph Halmhofer, and Nikki Martensen *Authors and contributors listed in alphabetical order **Featured image from Steph Halmhofer ***Originally posted on Bones, Stones, and Books It all started with a suggestion on Twitter by @ArchyFantasies to start a “women of archaeology support group”. The support group began on Twitter and then quickly... Continue Reading →

Statistics in Archaeology

Archaeologists don't just dig in the dirt - statistics are often used to find trends in the data and reveal trends that weren't visible with just excavation. Join Chelsi Slotten as she discusses some basic statistical model often used by archaeologists and how to recognize poorly done statistics. Statistics in Archaeology Transcript: Welcome to the... Continue Reading →


On today's episode, host of the Women in Archaeology Podcast, Chelsi Slotten, tells us about the exciting world of photogrammetry. What is it and how do you do it? It's a great toolbox episode and will leave you curious and wanting to experiment! Photogrammetry Transcript: Welcome to the 365 Days of Archaeology Podcast.  I’m Chelsi... Continue Reading →

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