2017- A Year in Review

By Chelsi Slotten WOW, we can’t believe it’s been another year, and an amazing one for the Women in Archaeology Podcast too!!!  We released 25 episodes in 2017 and saw our listenership grow to over 6,000 subscribers per episode.  None of this would be possible without you, our fantastic listeners so- THANK YOU!! Some highlights... Continue Reading →

Voice to the Victims

On this episode, Emily Long discusses how archaeology can play an important role in uncovering the evidence of crimes against humanity. Voice to the Victims Transcript: Welcome to the 365 Days of Archaeology Podcast.  I’m Emily Long and we’re going to discuss how archaeology can be an incredibly important tool in giving the victims of... Continue Reading →

Oseberg Ship Burial

On today's episode we'll be talking about one of the most famous Viking Ship burials- The Oseberg Ship. Why is this ship so special? What can we learn from it? Why, 100 years after its discovery, are we still so enthralled with its mysteries? Oseberg Ship Burial

Statistics in Archaeology

Archaeologists don't just dig in the dirt - statistics are often used to find trends in the data and reveal trends that weren't visible with just excavation. Join Chelsi Slotten as she discusses some basic statistical model often used by archaeologists and how to recognize poorly done statistics. Statistics in Archaeology Transcript: Welcome to the... Continue Reading →

Ella Sophia Armitage

On today's episode, Serra Head talks about a wonderful English historian and archaeologist Ella Sophia Armitage. Ella Sophia Armitage Originally posted on the Archaeology Fantasies blog.

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