Northwest Anthropological Conference, over a pint

In this episode Kirsten Lopez brings Michelle North and Emily Tabor together over a beer to discuss this year's Northwest Anthropological Conference, Archaeology Roadshow, and the benefits and importance of service work for early career archaeologists. Grab a pint and join us!

The Women in Archaeology Podcast Ep 43 – SHA Takeaways

Several of us recently attended the Society for Historical Archaeology 2018 meeting in New Orleans. In this episode we'll talk about some of the great sessions we attended, tips and tricks for successfully networking, and some suggestions for being better conference presenters and attendees. SHA Takeaways

Celebrating The Women of Archaeology – 2017 Edition

Written by: Dani Bradford, Steph Halmhofer, and Nikki Martensen *Authors and contributors listed in alphabetical order **Featured image from Steph Halmhofer ***Originally posted on Bones, Stones, and Books It all started with a suggestion on Twitter by @ArchyFantasies to start a “women of archaeology support group”. The support group began on Twitter and then quickly... Continue Reading →

The Women in Archaeology at TAG 2017

By: Chelsi Slotten For those of you who don't know, TAG is the Theoretical Archaeological Group.  They have several branches, but the North American contingent is having their meeting in Toronto from May 18-20.  Even better, Kirsten Lopez will be attending and representing our awesomeness.  If you want to come meet one of us in... Continue Reading →

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