The Women in Archaeology at TAG 2017

By: Chelsi Slotten

For those of you who don’t know, TAG is the Theoretical Archaeological Group.  They have several branches, but the North American contingent is having their meeting in Toronto from May 18-20.  Even better, Kirsten Lopez will be attending and representing our awesomeness.  If you want to come meet one of us in person, you have several options.  You can always hope to run into her around the conference, OR you can come to her presentation.

Kirsten will be presenting in a panel Saturday afternoon called “Pop Goes the Pot: Archaeology and the Representations of the Past In Different Popular Media Genres”.  The session runs from 1:30-5 in room AB107, and Kirsten will be speaking at 3:10.  She’ll be presenting a paper she and Chelsi Slotten co-authored titled “From Tomb Raider to Time Team: How perceptions of female archaeologists affect the field”.  If you’ve ever wanted to know why archaeological representation matters, this is the session for you.

Kirsten may be the only cohost attending TAG, but we’re super excited to say one of our contributors, April Beisaw, will be attending as well.  She will be presenting Friday morning in room AP120 in the “Archaeology and Settler Colonialism” panel.  The session runs from 9AM-Noon and April presents at 10.  She will be presenting a paper called “Archaeologies of Contemporary Native American/First Nations Protests (1969-Today)”.  It looks like a fascinating session that you should definitely check out!

No going to be in Toronto?  Don’t despair, you can always follow along with what we’re up to on twitter (@WomenArchys) or by checking out our biweekly podcast (



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