Joan Gero

On today's episode we will be talking about Joan Gero, a feminist archaeologist who has had a huge impact on the field of archaeology. Joan Gero Transcript: Hello and welcome to Arch 365.  I’m Chelsi Slotten, one of the co-hosts of the Women in Archaeology Podcast.  As we are approaching the end of Women’s History... Continue Reading →

Amelia Edwards – The Godmother of Egyptology

Amelia Edwards got a late start in her career as an advocate and promoter of Egyptology, at least by Victorian standards. Born to a retired army officer and a Irish mother, Amelia was taught from the start to be independent, curious, and fearless. Her mother home schooled her and refused to teach her anything about homemaking. Her mother, Alicia Edwards, apparently didn't want to domesticate her daughter and instilled a fiercely independent streak in Amelia

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