The Tenacity of Zella Nuttall.

Something I find a little curious is the lack of actual quotes *from* early female archaeologists, but there's a plethora of quotes *about* them. I can imagine this is probably true about any early minority group in a field. I'll do more digging as the year goes on to find quotes by female archaeologists about... Continue Reading →

2018 Tomb Raider Movie Review

SPOILER ALERT!! Serra, Emily, and Kirsten pick apart and discuss the finer points of the most recent Tomb Raider film. Derived from the 2010s video game reboot, the film sits in a strange point between the Tomb Raider character we know and love (or not) and her past. Join us to explore pop culture archaeology... Continue Reading →

Badass Women in Archaeology I, Re-release

Show Notes: *50 Most Important Women in Science * Dig Ventures: Pioneering Women in Archaeology * Rejected Princesses: Zelia Nuttall * Trowel Blazers: see what they are doing in 2019 at the bottom of the page! * Archaeological Fantasies: Gertrude Bell * Book: Ladies of the Field by Amanda Adams **featured image copied from the... Continue Reading →

Ella Sophia Armitage

On today's episode, Serra Head talks about a wonderful English historian and archaeologist Ella Sophia Armitage. Ella Sophia Armitage Originally posted on the Archaeology Fantasies blog.

Joan Gero

On today's episode we will be talking about Joan Gero, a feminist archaeologist who has had a huge impact on the field of archaeology. Joan Gero Transcript: Hello and welcome to Arch 365.  I’m Chelsi Slotten, one of the co-hosts of the Women in Archaeology Podcast.  As we are approaching the end of Women’s History... Continue Reading →

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