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Women In Archaeology
Women In Archaeology
Women In Archaeology

Archaeology through a Feminist Lens

Who We Are:

We are four women, plus guests, who saw the need for better female representation in archaeological media and decided to do something about it.

What We Do:

The goal of this Blog and it’s related Podcast is to provide information about the field of Archaeology from the perspective of the women who work in it.


Chelsi Slotten is a bioarchaeologist in the DMV.  She is primarily interested in gender relations in the past and has a strange love of carpals, bones which, disappointingly, she rarely gets to work within the archaeological record.  She is a PhD candidate at American University in the Anthropology department.  Her dissertation focuses on examining and addressing biases surrounding perceived gender roles during the Viking Age.

She can be found on twitter @osteoarchaeo or on her website

Emily Long is an archaeologist based out of Colorado.  She is primarily interested in archaeology education and the wacky world of cultural resource management law and practice.  She is the host of the podcast Trowel Tales, also hosted by the APN.  She is an adjunct instructor at Colorado Mesa University where she gets to spread the joy of archaeology to undergrads. And, she works seasonally as an archaeologist for the Bureau of Land Management.

Emily’s opinions can be found on twitter @Trowel_Tales or on her blog

Kirsten Lopez is an archeologist from Portland, Oregon whose main research interest is textile production of the Americas, particularly within the Great Basin. She has worked as a contract field archaeologist across the Pacific Northwest and Northern Great Basin over the last six years. Passionate about social justice and Native rights, you can occasionally find her mingling in the political sphere. She recently went back to Oregon State University for her masters in Applied Anthropology.

She can be reached on twitter @ArchyFem

Sara Head is a CRM archaeologist with over a decade of experience.  She’s worked all over the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast. She is a Masters Candidate at Adams State University and the founder and host of ArchyFantasies, a blog and podcast dedicated to debunking bad archaeology and pseudoscience.

You can check out her work on twitter @archyfantasies or on her blog and podcast at

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