Community Connections LLC: Archaeology with a Purpose

In today’s episode, we talk to Jessica and Jasmine of Community Connections, LLC, an archaeological and educational organization in Colorado. Both with previous careers in Cultural Resource Management, Jessica and Jasmine wanted to bring together the “resource” and the people that give archaeology it’s importance and meaning. Approaching this in various ways, they hope to create a more excited, involved, and informed public in their local area. Chelsi and Kirsten discuss their work, their vision, and the experiences they’ve had along the way.

Show Notes – mobile website for historic tours companion and history portal.


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Correction: MasterClass, not MasterMind, oops! Oh, if only we were creating little archaeological masterminds… The links and login for the MasterClass are available on the website.

Westminster Castle, Westminster, CO:

Edited to remove an incorrect reference to community connections as a non-profit.

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