Happy Birthday to Us- Emily

By Emily Long

It was not that long ago when women had relatively limited options in archaeology.  And, despite how far we’ve come as a field of study, there is certainly room for improvement.  That’s where the Women in Archaeology come in.  Whether addressing issues of discrimination and/or harassment in both CRM and academia or detailing the current administration’s attitude towards cultural resources, the Women in Archaeology (WIA) Podcast provides a much-needed female voice to various topics concerning archaeology.  To those who say, ‘what about men’s voices in archaeology?’: go listen to the majority of archaeology-themed podcasts.  To me, that’s why the WIA is important.  We’re an all-female podcasting group shedding light on any archaeology topic that strikes our fancy—and, we do it well.  It has been a privilege to be part of the WIA and I find so much joy in participating in our discussions.  With the one-year anniversary of the podcast quickly approaching, I’m excited to see what this coming year brings with new people joining the group and new topics to discuss.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the past year!  Feel free to leave a comment below, find us on twitter (@womenarchys), or email us at WomeninArchaeology@gmail.com.

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