WIA at GenCon

Heading to GenCon this weekend?  You’re in luck cause our co-host Sara will be presenting.  If you’ve never heard of GenCon, don’t think you’re missing out on the best archaeology conference of the year.  GenCon is actually one of the oldest gaming conventions in the US and this years its turning 50!

If you’re wondering what gaming and archaeology have in common, the answer is a lot.  Archaeology and pseudo-archaeology play a large role in many games by providing background information, world building, and sometimes plot points.  Sara, who also hosts the Archaeological Fantasies Podcast, will be discussing a wide range of Pseudological topics, including Transoceanic travelers & Pre-Columbian Contact in Ancient America during her one hour presentation called The Wondrous World of Pseudoarchaeology with Archaeological Fantasies.

Sara’s presentation will be held in the Crowne Plaza at Pennsylvania Stn B at 1pm on Saturday.  If you’ve got a ticket to the con you can attend for free.  Unfortunately, con tickets are completely sold out at this time, it is the 50th anniversary after all.  If you won’t be able to attend but want to learn more about pseudo-archaeology you can find Sara on Twitter @archyfantasy or check out her website (archyfantasies.com).  The presentation will also be recorded, and be available after the con.

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