Archaeology and the Alt Right

Issues of Alt-Right and White Nationalist Groups Co-Opting History

White supremacists and the alt-right often use history and archaeology as a mechanism to ‘legitimize’ their claims. Join us as we discuss this trend from the misrepresentation of Norse history to the misbelief of a racially pure Greek and Roman world. These groups have twisted the past to their agenda in dangerous ways.  What can we do to combat this trend?

A full transcript for this episode can be found below. All of our transcripts are available on the Episode Transcription page.

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Show Notes

What to do about Hitler’s Berghof? A museum challenges far-right interest.

Neo-Nazis at the National Trust: How far-right groups are trying to ‘take back’ ancient sites.

Anti-racist resources for Archaeology and Heritage.

What The Rise Of Rome Can Teach Us About Politics, Family, And White Supremacy.

Medieval Scholars Joust With White Nationalists. And One Another.

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts: How Neo-Nazis and Ancient Greeks Met in Charlottesville.

White Supremacists Have Weaponized an Imaginary Viking Past. It’s Time to Reclaim the Real History.

The Costs of the Confederacy.

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