The Dirt Crossover Episode!

Cohosts of The Dirt Podcast, Anna and Amber join Women in Archaeology hosts Chelsi, Kirsten, and Emily, to discuss the creepy and creature-y field and lab stories! From bugs, parasites, large herbivores to omnivores and beyond, take a listen to the fun, dreadful, and heeby-jeebies we’ve had over the years. Plus, camel facts! Take a fun spin around the globe with our in-the-field experiences.

Episode Notes and Links

Scandy Drama? Show link will soon appear here:

That whole bit about the “Camel Corps”? Yeah, read more about it here. We were curious too.

About the giant camel: In 2015, a genome study discovered that the American Camel that is mentioned in the episode is actually closely related to today’s domestic Asian camel, not Llamas as previously thought, and mentioned on the show. Who knew you would want more camel facts!

I am sure you want to hear more about Anna and Amber’s work on The Dirt! Make sure to take a look at their “Spooktober” features!

A little bit about Paisley Caves and what it might have been like for those taking shelter there 14,000 years ago.

Take a look back at our previous episode about fire archaeology with Emily Long, the work archaeologists do alongside our climate change heroes, wildland firefighters.

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  1. Your words struck home with me. No wrong time or wrong way of getting into Archeology/Anthro. I am 20 years an RN and am just waking up that I am not happy in this profession and that my TRUE passion is Anthropology. At 48 y/o I am going back to school to pursue a new career! Thx for making me feel like I’m not too old to start anew. Xox

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