Ethics in Museum Collections with Chris Stantis

Because June is always a busy month for archaeologists, this month’s new episode arrives at the end of the month. We are joined by Dr. Chris Stantis, Ph.D. to discuss the ethics of working with legacy collections in museums. Chris is a bioarchaeologist who works with stable isotope studies of human remains to learn about their pasts. Recent research has brought intense ethical considerations to the forefront of her work. Join us as we explore what these questions mean today, and how working through these hard questions we can bring together collaborative community learning spaces of the museum of the future.

Show Notes

An article that overviews the history of museums and their origins in European and American “cabinets of curiosities”.

Quick overview of stable isotope research in bioarchaeology can be found here:

A quick resource for the Smithsonian Institute museums, galleries, garden, and zoo.

Other episodes on the topic of museums, ethics, and working with institutions:

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