Repost – Sexual Harassment in Archaeology

*This episode originally aired in 2016. The episode covers the formation of the Society for American Archaeology’s recent statement on sexual harassment and look at a few notable cases that have made the news. The discussion panel includes Sara Head, Emily Long, Chelsi Slotten, Deidra Black, and Meagan Thies-Sauder.

It’s 2022, now looking back.

A board member from the Society for American Archaeology recently asked on facebook, “what are the barriers to your participation in the SAA?  Why are you not a member?”  A number of people noted surprise by these questions, due to the ongoing issues of the SAA allowing known perpetrators to attend the conferences, allowing blatantly racist presentations, and issues of not showing greater support of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act in California—all of these issues have been discussed extensively in a number of archaeology podcasts, blogs, and on twitter.  Six years ago, the SAA came out with a statement on sexual harassment.  Around that time the Women in Archaeology hosts discussed the statement, as well as current cases of sexual harassment in the field.  Six years later, we are still confronting the same issues.  While listening to this episode, which originally aired in 2016, let’s consider the following: What can we do better?  How can we make real positive change?  What do you think the society can/should do if they aim to improve their standing in the field, and bring in new and previous members? 

2016 Links

Current Cases/Links

Department of Justice Backs Grad Students in Comaroff Sexual Harassment Lawsuit:

Toward an Anthropology of Sexual Harassment and Power: Myth, Ritual, and Fieldwork:

What to Do About Sexual Harassment: A Short Course for Chairs:

#MeToo Anthropology and the Case Against Harvard:

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