The Women in Archaeology at PAC 2017

The Public Anthropology Conference (PAC) is an annual student run conference at American University in Washington DC.  The theme of this years conference is Scholarship and Resistance and it will take place this upcoming weekend, November 3-4.  Chelsi Slotten, who is a PhD student at American, will be attending and representing the podcast.  If you... Continue Reading →

Protest Matters!

Announcing Protest Matters! AAA 2017 Installation and Virtual Museum Protest Matters! is an interactive temporary museum of protest objects that will run in conjunction with the AAA meetings in Washington DC next month. The project invites academics, activists, and local community members to come together and consider the dynamic relationships that exist between art and activism,... Continue Reading →

WIA Talk Comics!

If you've been following along with us you know we're all nerds.  One of our hosts, Chelsi recently nerded out on the fabulous PodCapers, a podcast all about comics!  She joins Scott to discuss what exactly is wrong with female superheroes in comic books and why we don't see more female superheroes on screens big... Continue Reading →

WIA at GenCon

Heading to GenCon this weekend?  You're in luck cause our co-host Sara will be presenting.  If you've never heard of GenCon, don't think you're missing out on the best archaeology conference of the year.  GenCon is actually one of the oldest gaming conventions in the US and this years its turning 50! If you're wondering... Continue Reading →

Exploring Social Interaction Among Prehistoric Hunter-gatherers by Analyzing Stone Spear Points

We're excited to share with you that one of our amazing guests, Dr. Cheryl Fogle-Hatch, will be presenting her doctoral work at the Monocacy Archeological Society on Wednesday June 14th at 7 pm.  The lecture will take place at the C. Burr Artz Library, 110 East Patrick Street, Frederick, Maryland. Dr. Fogle-Hatch is an archaeologist... Continue Reading →

The Women in Archaeology at TAG 2017

By: Chelsi Slotten For those of you who don't know, TAG is the Theoretical Archaeological Group.  They have several branches, but the North American contingent is having their meeting in Toronto from May 18-20.  Even better, Kirsten Lopez will be attending and representing our awesomeness.  If you want to come meet one of us in... Continue Reading →

Random Musings While Surveying 75 Miles in 8 Days

By Emily M. Long All undergraduate archaeology theory courses briefly cover the introduction of a feminist lens in archaeological interpretation, with it typically tied in with post-modernism and post-processualism. Numerous articles and books outline the importance of looking beyond gendered perspectives (i.e. it’s unlikely that only men knew how to create stone tools, etc.). What... Continue Reading →

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