My Quest To Save The Rose

By Suzanne Marie Taylor My name is Suzanne Marie Taylor, and I am from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I am currently an MA student at Birkbeck University, studying Archaeological Practice. My background is in theatre, but because of my love for the archaeological site of Philip Henslowe’s 1587 Rose Playhouse, I decided to pursue my... Continue Reading →

WIA at Afterlives

Join us this weekend as Women in Archaeology Podcast host Chelsi Slotten speaks at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Ancient Studies Afterlives Conference.   See the conference website for the full program!    

Celebrating The Women of Archaeology – 2017 Edition

Written by: Dani Bradford, Steph Halmhofer, and Nikki Martensen *Authors and contributors listed in alphabetical order **Featured image from Steph Halmhofer ***Originally posted on Bones, Stones, and Books   It all started with a suggestion on Twitter by @ArchyFantasies to start a “women of archaeology support group”. The support group began on Twitter and then... Continue Reading →

2017- A Year in Review

By Chelsi Slotten WOW, we can’t believe it’s been another year, and an amazing one for the Women in Archaeology Podcast too!!!  We released 25 episodes in 2017 and saw our listenership grow to over 6,000 subscribers per episode.  None of this would be possible without you, our fantastic listeners so- THANK YOU!! Some highlights... Continue Reading →

WIA Talk Comics!

If you've been following along with us you know we're all nerds.  One of our hosts, Chelsi recently nerded out on the fabulous PodCapers, a podcast all about comics!  She joins Scott to discuss what exactly is wrong with female superheroes in comic books and why we don't see more female superheroes on screens big... Continue Reading →

WIA at GenCon

Heading to GenCon this weekend?  You're in luck cause our co-host Sara will be presenting.  If you've never heard of GenCon, don't think you're missing out on the best archaeology conference of the year.  GenCon is actually one of the oldest gaming conventions in the US and this years its turning 50! If you're wondering... Continue Reading →

The Women in Archaeology at TAG 2017

By: Chelsi Slotten For those of you who don't know, TAG is the Theoretical Archaeological Group.  They have several branches, but the North American contingent is having their meeting in Toronto from May 18-20.  Even better, Kirsten Lopez will be attending and representing our awesomeness.  If you want to come meet one of us in... Continue Reading →

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