2018 Tomb Raider Movie Review

SPOILER ALERT!! Serra, Emily, and Kirsten pick apart and discuss the finer points of the most recent Tomb Raider film. Derived from the 2010s video game reboot, the film sits in a strange point between the Tomb Raider character we know and love (or not) and her past. Join us to explore pop culture archaeology through critique and philosophy of a video game based action flick.

Show Notes

Tomb Raider Fan Page with movie review, details, and resources.

2018 Film IMDB page with filmography and credits

2001 Film IMDB page for first Tomb Raider/Lara Croft film

Death scene clips from game demonstrating nearly all possible death scenes in the game, and their graphic nature, as discussed in the third segment.

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Featured Image: Official movie poster from IMDB .

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