Archaeology on Television: the good, the bad, and the alien

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Wanna find a good TV show about archaeology for your friends, family, or students? Want to know what archaeology television shows we love and which one we loathe? On this episode we take a look at a few of the shows on popular television, from Ancient Aliens to Time Team America.

Show Notes:

Time Team America on PBS
Native America on PBS
Dark Tourist on Netflix
Ancient Aliens (cough, bullshit, cough)
Treasure Quest on Discovery
D.B. Cooper on Expedition Unknown, Travel Channel
Without A Paddle movie
Legends of the Lost, Travel Channel
America Unearthed, History Channel
Curse of Oak Island, more History Channel BS

For those seeking other resources for archaeology television and movies, there is hope:
Archaeology Channel

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Featured photo by DailyInvention, May 12, 2007 and is protected under Creative Commons license.

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