SAA19 Poster Session Interviews, Part 2

Welcome to the Women in Archaeology Podcast, a podcast about, for, and by women in the field.  This episode is part 2 of the SAA Poster Session interviews.  While at the 2019 Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Conference in Albuquerque, NM, Chelsi, and Emily recorded a few interviews during the poster sessions. 

The poster sessions are a great way to meet a variety of archaeologists hoping to share their research with the rest of the community.  Please excuse the poor sound quality; we were recording with literally hundreds of archaeologists all around us.  On this episode, hear about the unique research being conducted by Tia R. Cody, Sant Mukh Khalsa, Katherine Portman, Alexandra C. Younger, and Jessica N. Bernstetter.

Tia R. Cody and Shelby Anderson


Sant Mukh Khalsa


Katherine Portman and Kelsey M. Reese


Alexandra C. Younger, C. Reid Ferring, and Steve Wolverton


Jessica N. Bernstetter, A. Kate Trusler, and Amie Green

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