SAA19 Poster Sessions Interviews, Part 1

While at the 2019 Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Conference in Albuquerque, NM, Chelsi and Emily recorded a few interviews during the poster sessions.  The poster sessions are a great way to meet a variety of archaeologists hoping share their research with the rest of the community.  Please excuse the poor sound quality; we were recording with literally hundreds of archaeologists all around us.  On this episode, hear about the unique research being conducted by Leslie Reeder Myers, Ananlisa Heppner, Laura Brumbaugh, Melissa Dods, Eunice Villasenor Iribe, and Ellie Howell.  Check out their posters below:

Laura BrumbaughIMG_20190412_150139885.jpg

Leslie Reeder-Meyers, Ashley Sharpe, Wilmer Elvir, Mazimo Jimenez, and Whitney Goodwin


Melissa Dods, O. Navarro-Farr, and K. Alley


Annalisa Heppner


Eunice Villasenor Iribe, Christopher T. Morehart, and Andres G. Meja Ramos


Ellie Howell and P. Nick Kardulias


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