Archaeology of Foodways with Dr. Tanya Peres

Grab your favorite holiday goodie and join Chelsi, Emily, and Kirsten on a jaunt through the research of Dr. Tanya Peres. Exploring foodways of early Spanish Franciscan missions, the meaning of food and feasting today and in the past, and what meaning we can give a COVID Christmas to ourselves and loved ones when we must physically distance ourselves from family and friends.

A full transcript for this episode can be found below. All of our transcripts are available on the Episode Transcription page.

Show Notes

Tanya’s book:,6878.aspx

Archaeology Food Book Series page:

Arte de Repostería, Juan de la Mata, 1755.;jsessionid=25664D52D90F24B1FC760AD27000FADB?ctx=6d025ee7-b555-4256-a1c8-b0ad6fa19869&idx=0

Arte de Cocina, Francisco Martinez Motiño,


Kirsten´s blog suggestion: it is archived and no longer active, but still very good.

Chelsi’s foodways blog suggestion for the Norwegian potato pancake mentioned in the episode.

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