Transatlantic Slavery, Resilience of Foodways, and Public Outreach with Dr. Peggy Brunache

In this episode, the hosts are joined by Dr. Peggy Brunache to discuss her ongoing research on the resilience of enslaved women, who established and continued food traditions that can be seen in today’s foodways, as well in the archaeological record. Dr. Brunache brings history to life through food, providing students, colleagues, and the public a means to engage with a part of history that many may not be as aware of in Scotland. Dr. Brunache also describes her experience with the TrowelBlazer’s ‘Raising Horizons’ Exhibit, upcoming courses through Future Learn on the history of slavery in the British Caribbean, and the new Beniba Centre for Slavery Studies at the University of Glasgow. Dr Brunache lectures on the History of Atlantic Slavery at the University of Glasgow and heads up the Beniba Centre. She is also a prominent member of the Soceity of Black Archaeologiest and co-founder of the European Society of Black and Allied Archaeologists.

A full transcript for this episode can be found below. All of our transcripts are available on the Episode Transcription page.

Link to episode transcript

Show Notes

Slavery in the British Caribbean- Futurelearn

Beniba Centre for Slavery Studies

Raising Horizons: the countdown begins

Peggy Brunache- TrowelBlazers

Raising Horisons: Unearthing Identities

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