A Word From the WIA on the Capitol Attack

Living through historical moments is not always an enviable position to be in.  We have seen dramatic and chilling events take place throughout 2020 that will have lasting effects on the American people and culture.  The seditious behavior perpetrated by Trump supporters during the January 6th capitol attack, is no exception.  The Women of Archaeology are appalled by the takeover of the capital.  However, it should not be considered completely out of the ordinary.  We have seen four years of an administration denying science, truth, and facts.  We have seen four years of a president inciting his supporters to deny election results and to commit acts of violence.

We are disheartened by the police treatment of Tuesday’s rioters in comparison to BLM protestors–the difference is stark.  In the case of the BLM movement, we have protestors decrying the horrific treatment of POC by the police, while being maced, beaten, and arrested during peaceful gatherings.  All of this while Trump supporters wreak havoc on the capital, smash windows, and break down doors to access the capital floor–and members of the police allowed this to occur.  This is a time for the entire nation to take a critical look at our history and the events that underscore how we came to be in this current state.  Only by engaging in the more uncomfortable aspects of our collective history, from racism to fascist tendencies, can we hope to move forward in a more positive direction.

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