SAA 2019 Conference Recap

For the first time ever, all our hosts are in the same location for episode 65!! Come take a listen to all the amazing things that were presented at the conference. Revel in positivity as much as you can! The last segment of the episode we dive into the nitty gritty of SAA’s inaction regarding a known sexual predator in attendance. These statements were all made as of the Saturday evening of the conference. TRIGGER WARNING: contains discussion on sexual abuse, institutional inaction, and trepanation.

Show Notes

Despite the shadow that fell over much of the conference, some pretty badass work was presented. Check it out here: Program for SAA 2019

Notes on other fun topics include: an article on the lady mentioned by Chelsi who recorded her self-trepanation in the 1970s.

Here are the important pieces to know regarding the The ineffectual SAA Anti-Harassment Policy, and the 2015 statement on sexual harassment. In the week since recording and then posting this episode, the SAA has responded with the following: A public apology to the membership, and an open letter to the membership for the chance to do better. Note there is no real plan of action.

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